The Story So Far

Gosh… you want to know more about me? Well OK then, if you insist…

My first literary success was my critically-acclaimed, five-page novel about a man trying to find his dog, written for my eldest sibling’s birthday when I was seven. I followed this up two years later by winning an award for a poem I wrote about my Grandpa. After that my career hit the doldrums.

I distracted myself from my crushing failure to be a child prodigy by running round tracks and studying Biological Anthropology at university, where I accepted a dare to enter an undergraduate writing competition. Having made the shortlist for this award, I accidentally forgot to stop writing again. My short and flash fiction have made longlists, shortlists and earned a modest handful of prizes, and my first novel, The Art of Letting Go, was published by Thistle Publishing in 2014.

I currently live in a beautiful part of Devon, with my husband, two young sons and a sense of childish wonder. When not writing I like to walk on the moor, eat pudding and look at pretty graphs of just about anything. I don’t like spiders or celery.

You can have a peek at a few of my stories here, here and here. I am currently working on polishing my novella-in-flash, which was shortlisted (April 2019) in the Bath Novella-in-Flash Award and on writing my first stage scripts.