The Story So Far

My writing career got off to an auspicious start. After a story about a man trying to find his dog, written at the age of seven, at nine I won an award for a poem about my grandpa. I’ve been attempting to scramble back to those dizzying heights of success ever since.

Despite distracting myself with a youth spent running round a track, followed by a science degree, I found the lure of story-telling irresistible. Having accepted a dare to enter an undergraduate novel-writing competition and finding myself shortlisted, I went on to write short stories and then novels. After many terrible sentences and dodgy plotlines, I began to win the occasional prize and, in 2012, my first novel The Art of Letting Go was signed to The Andrew Lownie Literary Agency by agent David Haviland.

I currently live in a beautiful part of Devon, with my husband, two young sons and a sense of childish wonder. When not writing I like to walk on the moor, eat pudding and look at pretty graphs of just about anything.