Birthday Books!

I have recently celebrated my birthday and, as always, the generous gifts from my family included a lot of books. There is a great mix of genres there. *The Widow* and *The Breakdown* are modern thrillers that caught my eye. *I am, I am, I am* is Maggie O’Farrell’s memoir - even though I only read my first O’Farrell book last month I knew I wanted to read this straight away!

Lost Words

There was a rather splendid article on the BBC website a few days ago which highlighted a list researchers have drawn up of 30 words that have been lost to the English language. These words are, without exception, fabulous. I do hope some of them end up making a comeback. Most of them are so wonderfully literal - a quacksalver for a fake doctor, tremblable for something that fills you with fear.

Science and Belief Guest Post

Today, I have a guest article posted on the Science and Belief blog run by Dr. Ruth Bancewicz of the Faraday Institute. I always think it is a compliment to be asked to write for anybody a second time! It’s refreshing to be asked to write non-fiction occasionally. As you read the post, you can imagine me putting on my glasses and looking very academic and intelligent as I went back to my roots as an evolutionary biologist, coupled it up with my faith as a Christian, and wrote about how to go about naming new species of extinct human and what it all means for man being made in the image of God.


There was a fun item on the Today Programme this morning about exclamation marks. Specifically it was talking about how Donald Trump uses them all the time in his tweets. People were pretty scathing about the practice, but there was one fact I hadn’t come across before that tickled me.

In Good Company

Whenever I’m in my local library I like to check out my novel to see who is keeping me company. I also take a sneaky peek to see whether it has been borrowed recently (last time was in June, since you asked). It’s handy that the novels start alphabetically from the check-out desk, so I can look as if I’m casually browsing as the librarian deals with my books and not that I’m just needy and/or vain!