Third Place - Flash 500

I’m pleased to be able to say that my piece of flash fiction, Words, has won third prize in Flash 500 (4th Quarter, 2017). Last year I ran a series of posts about favourite words. The suggestions people gave me for their favourite words gave me the idea for this story. I initially wrote in int he middle of the year, but I couldn’t get the ending to work. Then, at the end of December I had another go.

Lent Book

I am glad to announce that my short story, Thad, has just been published in NEW LIFE: REFLECTIONS FOR LENT (Association of Christian Writers, 2018). The book is a collection of writing - devotionals, studies, meditations, stories and poems - each written by a different author, one for every day of Lent. My story (the reading for Maundy Thursday) is written from the point of view of one of the lesser-known disciples in the moments following Judas leaving the last supper to betray Jesus.

2017: My Reading Year

I may not have done much writing this year, but I have done some reading. 22 books to be precise. Here is what I thought of them… I’ve given scores for all below, but if you don’t have time for all that detail, the books I most recommend from this year are: If you want fun and intelligent and witty with a twist… DIFFERENT CLASS by Joanne Harris. This was one of my two best reads of the year.

2017: My Writing Year

2017 has been a writing year unlike any other for me. Mostly because I didn’t do very much writing! As a mum to two boys, aged two and three as I write this, life does not present many opportunities for writing. It hasn’t been an entirely fallow year however… In FebruaryI found out that my flash fiction, Everything After Now, had won the Flash 500 competition. This is probably my favourite out of all the stories I’ve written and I was so delighted other people liked it too.

Kindle Daily Deal 23rd October

I am super-delighted to say that Amazon have selected my novel, The Art of Letting Go, as a Kindle Daily Deal today. For one day only you can get the e-book for £0.99. Bargain! Just click here. The people who have faithfully bought and reviewed my book have been a big part in getting it selected for deals like this - so if that’s you, thank-you! If you have not yet bought my book, maybe I can tempt you with a couple of extracts from my favourite reviews (and no, they are not from my mum…):