Young(ish) and Free(ish)

It has been a long time since I wrote about my day-to-day writing. That is in part because the little writing time I have seems wasted on blogging, and it is partly because there has been little to write about. Until recently that is… A year and a half ago I wrote a long post explaining why I was failing to write my second novel. Well, I did carry on - in the more joyful and laid-back manner I wanted - and I loved writing it in a new structure and with different characters etc.

TSS Flash 400 - Highly Commended

I am so happy to have been Highly Commended in the TSS Publishing Flash 400 competition. This is a quarterly competition which attracts a couple of hundred entries and is pretty highly-thought-of in the flash fiction world. Certainly many of the other names on the shortlist are ones who have a track record of publication and competition wins behind them, so I was delighted to find my name up there among them!

Wildflower - Flash Fiction

My piece of flash fiction, Wildflower, won third prize in the Ruth Rendell Short Story Competition. As my story will now be used by Interact Stroke Support as one of the stories that is read by actors to stroke survivors in order to help recover memory and language function, I won’t be attempting to publish it elsewhere, so I thought I may as well publish it here. I hope you enjoy reading it.

Third Prize - Ruth Rendell Short Story Competition

I am delighted to have won third prize in the Ruth Rendell Short Story Competition run by Interact Stroke Support. Interact are a fabulous charity who send actors into hospitals and care centres to do dramatic readings of short stories to people recovering from strokes. The benefits to the recovery of memory and language abilities of these survivors are quite wonderful. The competition was for 1000-word stories in any genre (not just crime!

My Writing Room

I don’t often do blog updates as my writing life is somewhat slower than it used to be. I am still working on my next novel - and enjoying it very much, now I’ve taken any pressure off myself to actually finish it by a certain deadline. I am writing each chapter by hand first and I am amazed at the difference this is making to me creatively! It’s brilliant.