At the Bottom of the Stairs - Coming Soon!

I am delighted to say that my novella, At the Bottom of the Stairs, is going to be published by Reflex Press next year, having been one of the two runners-up in the Reflex Novella Award. The award had 173 entries from 18 countries, so I am so pleased to be in the top three. At the Bottom of the Stairs is my second book. As it is seven years (and two children!

My 2020 Reading List

Time for the end-of-year round up of all the books I’ve listened to and read in 2020. There are 49 of them - 20 audiobooks and 29 paper/e-books - plus I listened to or read many short stories and stage plays. This was definitely the year when I got back into the joy of audiobooks when doing mundane household tasks! I’m not going to list them all this year. Instead, I’m going to list only the ones I gave 9⁄10 or 10⁄10 for enjoyment in my book diary…

Perfect Books

For the last eight years I have been keeping a reading diary of all the books I read or listen to. I give each book a mark out of 10 - not for how good they are, but for how much I enjoy them. Some books may be brilliant from a literary point of view, but I don’t actually enjoy reading them. Other books definitely leave a little to be desired stylistically but I had a grand time immersed in them.

2019: My Year in Books

Another year done, another bunch of words written, another pile of books read. My writing life is still slow enough that it doesn’t warrant an end-of-year post on its own. My two highlights of the year were: My novella-in-flash AT THE BOTTOM OF THE STAIRS being shortlisted for the Bath Novella-in-Flash Award. My story EXCHANGE RATE being published by Ellipsis, and then going on to be selected as one of the BIFFY50 (the top 50 pieces of British and Irish flash fiction of the year) I’ve spent much of the year building on my novella and I hope to complete it in 2020.

Happy Anniversary to Me!

On Sunday it was the 5th aniversary of the publication of my novel, The Art of Letting Go, by Thistle Publishing. The publication turned out to be in the same year I had my first child. I followed this with another child the following year… but not with any more novels. And, finally, from a perspective of time, I am so glad this has been the case. The Art of Letting Go was not taken up by a major publishing house.