2023 update

The first half of 2023 has been a good one for my writing. I’m so delighted to have had my play Human Resources selected by no less than the Royal Shakespeare Company to be part of their new folio of 37 plays – celebrating 400 years since Shakespeare’s first folio, by telling the stories of our time. There were over 2000 entries and it came as a huge shock to make the shortlist – let alone be included in the final folio.

My play will be showcased at Hall for Cornwall in Truro this autumn and I’m hoping will go on to have a full professional production somewhere. If you are a producer looking for a slightly dystopian story about what happens when healthcare is based on the value society places on you as an individual… let me know!

I have been writing a lot and entering a lot of things. A short film script of mine, Drystone, has won the Action on the Side script award, and is currently a finalist – having won its block – in the White Rose International Film Festival. I am awaiting feedback and results from many other things. The life of a writer! Keep writing, keep submitting, keep hoping.

I am so pleased to have been selected by London Playwrights for their writer development scheme. This will be 10 months of workshops and development opportunities, starting this September. I am especially happy that I was selected off the strength of my play script Here’s What I Found, which has had such lovely feedback from a few theatres, but not yet found a home. I love this play and am determined to develop it to a standard where somebody wants it!

Currently, I am working on several projects: a couple of full-length stage plays (one semi-sensible, one extremely silly); a short (and also very silly) play; developing Drystone for future opportunities. Trying to keep my options open and be ready for the opportunities when they come. This writing life is not for the faint-hearted!