Exchange Rate - Film Shoot

Last weekend, I joined with a team of incredibly creative and talented people to shoot the short film version of my story, Exchange Rate. It was a mad weekend – I was on set for 25 hours over two days – but a wonderful experience. I’m in awe of all the crew who appear to work magic as if it’s no big deal! The whole cast and crew were generous, kind people which really helped.

Cast and crew of Exchange Rate sitting together on the sofa of the film set.

The film was starring and directed by Emma Stansfield. We have been working together to produce this film for a long time now and she has done an amazing job. There is now the long process of editing and post-production to get through. But we hope to have a finished film this autumn!

This is a photo by Joe Hickson of the whole cast and crew. From left to right…

Back: Chris Baker (sound), James Thompson (lighting), Sam Fabian Miller (Director of Photography), Bradley Wye (2nd Assistant Camera), Me! (screenwriter, co-producer, general running-arounder), Ania Bahadrian (1st Assistant Camera)

Front: Sarah Mather (playing Adult Emily), Kiasia Graves (playing Emily), Emma Stansfield (director, co-producer and playing Marie), Izzy A’isha Johnson (Assistant Director)