In Good Company

Whenever I’m in my local library I like to check out my novel to see who is keeping me company. I also take a sneaky peek to see whether it has been borrowed recently (last time was in June, since you asked). It’s handy that the novels start alphabetically from the check-out desk, so I can look as if I’m casually browsing as the librarian deals with my books and not that I’m just needy and/or vain!

Here you can see that I am comfortably sandwiched between Jayne-Marie Barker’s novel DISTANT SHADOWS and NO MAN’S LAND by David Baldacci. I can’t find out much about Jayne-Marie Barker, but her book has a handful of reviews on Amazon - mostly 5*. David Baldacci has sold over 90 million copies of his novels which include 18 New York Times bestsellers and seems a thoroughly nice chap. What a splendid place to be hanging out waiting to be read!