Kindle Daily Deal 23rd October

I am super-delighted to say that Amazon have selected my novel, The Art of Letting Go, as a Kindle Daily Deal today. For one day only you can get the e-book for £0.99. Bargain! Just click here.

The people who have faithfully bought and reviewed my book have been a big part in getting it selected for deals like this - so if that’s you, thank-you!

If you have not yet bought my book, maybe I can tempt you with a couple of extracts from my favourite reviews (and no, they are not from my mum…):

“It is amazing and I highly recommend it completely and wholeheartedly and it will stay with me forever and ever. Chloe Banks will join my list of favourite authors. I am unable to credit her enough.”

“I felt the heroine had such hidden strengths but gave us hope that they could help us to free ourselves from the ‘pulls’ of others eventually. Not the most conventional of endings but it was perfect for me.”

“This is not a big expansive book. It is written in a tightly controlled style. Mysteries about the characters are hinted at but as the book progresses more is revealed. The characters are not what they seem and they too are slowly revealed. I was engrossed in this book and had to keep reading. The plot was not predictable and continued to surprise until the end. It is a satisfying read.”

“I loved this book, It is well written, insightful and intriguing. The characters are expertly defined, the images of the sea and storms highlighting the inner turmoil of our secret selves. Wonderful, wonderful storytelling. Need to follow this author, she is very talented.”

“It has been so long since I had the joy of reading a book which could surprise me and that I found hard to put down! It was wonderful and I very much looked forward to bed time because of it. I miss it now!”

Awww, you guys!

[My absolute favourite 5* review is “Very satisfied with item.” I am so thrilled to have written a satisfying item.]