My Writing Room

I don’t often do blog updates as my writing life is somewhat slower than it used to be. I am still working on my next novel - and enjoying it very much, now I’ve taken any pressure off myself to actually finish it by a certain deadline. I am writing each chapter by hand first and I am amazed at the difference this is making to me creatively! It’s brilliant.

I have one exciting piece of writing news but I am not allowed to share it yet! I hope to be able to in a couple of weeks and I can’t wait.

That leaves only one thing to tell you about… my new writing space. Since our two boys crowded me out of having one of the spare bedrooms to write in, I have made do with my desk being crammed behind the sofa in our living room. No more!

Last month we re-did our living room and arranged it so that my workspace is a purposeful part of it. Sure, it’s still a corner of the living room, but it is a corner made for me with a new big desk and lovely things to look at. It sounds silly but I swear it has made me much more productive!

Here is a little peek at where the magic happens. Or, at least, where I manage to write one page of something three or four times a week before my four-year-old comes in a demands a snack.

Note my splendid new desk lamp, the nod to my scientific background through my evolution bookends, the vanilla candle that I light when it’s time to focus, and my wonderful pinboard (complete with wooden drawing pins) where I stick notes for my novel and things that make me happy - plenty of room left to fill. The luggage tag hanging down in the middle says ‘rejoice always’. Well, why not?